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This website is about and only about Digital Luggage Scales. Everybody travels sometime by plane and there is always one major issue. Is my luggage not too heavy? How to check it? You could still use your kitchen/bathroom standard scale but it is really difficult to weight and the result could be few kilos different. Those scales are invented for human and you would probably know that each kilogram overweight could mean extra costs of traveling. The other advantage of luggage scale is that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is small and light item and can be useful anytime. If you are going for shopping and worried that your luggage will be to heavy you should really take luggage scale with you.

What is a luggage scale?

The luggage scale is a device, which is used to measure the weight of a piece of luggage.

What are the benefits of buying a luggage scale?

The luggage scales are ideal for travelers as they allow them to weigh their luggage before boarding an airplane and stay within the limits; they could be used to weigh parcels as well before sending them by mail. Most models are extremely light and do not add to the total weight of the luggage and some come with measuring tapes, enabling the user to measure the dimensions of their suitcases or bags as well. The luggage scales are very compact and can be placed in a shirt pocket or inside any bag; they are also very inexpensive and could help travelers avoid the high fees that many airlines charge for excess baggage.

What are the different types of luggage scales and their features?

The luggage scales are either mechanical or electronic, where the former use spinning dial, which measures and displays the weight of the luggage. The digital luggage scales are the most widely used ones and they have a clear screen, which can often display the weight in kilograms or pounds. The maximum load that the different luggage scales can weigh varies from one model to another, but it typically ranges from 0.5 to 88 and even 100 pounds. The luggage scales typically have a handle and a hook or strap, where the luggage is attached, and keep their readings even after the luggage is put down. Some models come with additional features such as measuring tape or built-in flashlight.

» Balanzza

Balanzza Ergo Luggage ScaleBALANZZA MINI DIGITAL LUGGAGE WEIGHING SCALE - SMALL & COMPACT - 2010 MODELErgo Digital Electronic Scales - by BalanzzaBalanzza Luggage / Suitcase Weigh ScaleBalanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale3 In 1 Portable Ergonomic Digital Luggage Scale + 3 LED Flashlight + Alarm Clock -- Includes All Battaries

» Cabin Max

50 kg Digital Portable Travel Luggage Scale includes batteries- 2010 model now with Free Carry BagCabin Max Digital Portable Travel Luggage Scale with Free Carry Bag - batteries includedCabin Max Flight Bag and Digital Luggage Scale set


7dayshop - Digital Luggage Scales - Never Pay Excess Baggage Fees Again - EXCLUSIVE DEAL !7dayshop - Analogue Mechanical Luggage Scales (Up to 35KG) - Includes 1m Fiber Measuring Tape7dayshop (Pro-Weigh) Digital Luggage Scales  - No More Crazy Excess Baggage Charges - 10 YEAR WARRANTY  - AMAZONS BEST VALUE DIGITAL SCALES !!

» Analogue Luggage Scales

Compact Luggage Scales (With Tape Measure)Luggage Scales with Max Weight IndicatorGlobetrek Portable Travel Luggage Case Scales Brand NewTRAVEL LUGGAGE SCALEBaggage Luggage Scales 32KG Max Portable ScaleAccurate luggage scale for weighing suitcases and luggage. 32KG capacity.Proteam Luggage Scales with Tape MeasureTravel Luggage ScalesTravelRight Luggage Scale 34kgLuggage Suitcase Weigh Scale with Tape MeasurePortable 32kg Luggage Scales with Inbuilt Tape MeasureLUGGAGE SCALELuggage Scales

» Digital Luggage Scales

0928 Top Quality Postal Scale Digital Scales Postal Scales 200KG 50g Large Platform Postal Parcel Weighing Scale Luggage Scale Baggage Scale Parcel Scale - 12 Month Warranty >>> THT TradeDigital Travel Weighing ScalesSalter - Luggage ScaleThe AA Digital Luggage SaclesDigital Luggage Scales0904 Top Quality Digital Portable Luggage Scale Baggage Scale Suitcase Weigh Scale Fish Scale Fishing Scale Parcel Scale 44KG Precision Scale = No More Excess Baggage Charges - 12 Months Warranty >>> THT Trade(Skytronic) Digital Luggage ScalesSamsonite Digital Luggage ScaleTaylor #8120 Digital Luggage Scale0903 Top Quality Digital Portable Luggage Scale Baggage Scale Suitcase Weigh Scale Fish Scale Fishing Scale Parcel Scale 40KG Precision Scale = No More Excess Baggage Charges - 12 Months Warranty >>> THT Trade0902 CE Certified Digital Portable Luggage Scale Baggage Scale Suitcase Weigh Scale with Measuring Tape Fish Scale Fishing Scale Parcel Scale 50KG Precision Scale = No More Excess Baggage Charges - 12 Months Warranty >>> THT TradeUltimate Digital Luggage ScaleGood Selections Digital Luggage ScalesTeckNet Advanced Digital Luggage Scale, up to 40KGLATEST MODEL DIGITAL LUGGAGE/SUITCASE SCALE 50Kg WITH BUILT IN TAPE MEASUREeSecure - 40KG Digital Fishing Luggage Hanging Weighing ScalesDigital Luggage ScalesDigital Luggage ScaleLUPO Advanced Digital Luggage Scales - Max Weight 44kg.Pocket-Sized Digital Luggage Scales. Holds Up To 40Kg. In-Built Rechargeable Battery Via USB Or Mains. No More Excess Charges - Small Enough To Take On Your TripAndrew James Digital Luggage ScalesSilver Portable Electronic Luggage Scale + FREE Batteries!Digital Luggage Scales With Hold Feature and BatteriesXS - BAG - DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE WITH INBUILT TORCH & TAPE MEASURE - WEIGHS UP TO 35 KGGADGETS 4 TRAVEL DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE - WEIGHS UP TO 40 KG   ** H A L F   P R I C E **Gizzmo Digital Luggage ScalesMercury Digital Luggage ScalesDigital Luggage ScaleTRAVEL Baggage Scales weighs up to 36kg with 1m Tape MeasureDigital Luggage ScalexScale The WorldDigital Luggage ScaleDigital Portable Travel Luggage Scale FREE BATTERIES- 2010 model with enhanced accuracySalter Luggage Scale, SilverNo More Excess, Advanced Digital Luggage ScaleWeigh To Go Digital Luggage ScalesHARDWARE - PORTABLE BAGGAGE SCALES 32KG EQUIPPED WITH 1M TAPE MEASURE - 1 OF - FREE SHIPPINGGo Products Weigh to GoLuggage Scales With Tape MeasureSkytronic SKY799128 Digital Luggage ScaleDigital Luggage ScalesSalter, Salter Luggage ScaleDigital Electronic Portable Luggage ScaleHyundai Compact Luggage Scales & Measure40kg Portable Electronic Digital Luggage / Fishing Scales - ASST COLOUR

» Good Ideas

Portable Digital Luggage/Parcel/Fishing Scales (759) - Avoid excess baggage chargesGood Ideas Luggage Scales With Tape Measure (750)-WEIGH BEFORE YOU GO!Good Ideas Luggage Scales With Tape Measure (750)- Weight before you go!

» Other reviews

Portable Digital Fishing/Luggage/Hanging scale/parcel Scale 20KgHandy Pocket Luggage Scales/ Fishing Scales/ Brand NewPortable Digital Fishing/Luggage/parcel Scale 40KgDESIGN GO POCKET LUGGAGE SCALE. Weighs up to 22Kg. Includes hand luggage tape measureBALANZZA ORIGINAL DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE inc TRAVEL CARRY CASE - UNIQUE TO GADGETS4TRAVELNEW COMPACT ERGONOMIC DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE (2 PACK) 100 lbs Capacity Digital Fishing Mail BAg Luggage suitcase Weighing Scales 40KGDigital Luggage ScalesBrand New 40Kg Kilo Digital Fishing Luggage Suitcase Parcel Posting Hanging Weighing Weight Scales Compact Travel

» TripNeeds

Classic Luggage Scale in BlackTripNeeds Mini Advanced Digital Luggage Scale 40kg CapacityMicro Digital Luggage ScaleTripNeeds Max Advanced Digital Luggage Scale 40kg CapacityTripNeeds Nano Advanced Digital Luggage Scale 50kg CapacityTripNeeds  Micro Advanced Digital Luggage Scale 50kg CapacityTripNeeds Travel Case for No More Excess! TripNeeds  Travel Case for

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