TOP 10 Digital Luggage Scales

Balanzza Luggage / Suitcase Weigh Scale

Balanzza Luggage / Suitcase Weigh Scale Product rating

• Dimensions (not including strap): length: 14cm, width: 8.7cm, depth: 2.2cm
• Includes batteries
• Avoids excessive baggage charges at the airport and prevents having to unpack bags at check in
• Simple to use
• Weighs up to 44 kg / 100 lbs of luggage

Our Review

This Balanzza scale has an accuracy of 100g and is capable of weighing items that are up to 44kg (100lbs). The gadget is also pretty easy to use: place the bag on the strap, lift the bag and put it down as soon as you hear the beep from the scale: the weight is automatically held and displayed on the large and easy to read digital display. The scale works with two units: kilograms and pounds and is only 14cm long; its only weakness is the scale’s own weight, which is 318g and that adds to the weight of your luggage. The Balanzza scale is powered by batteries, which are included in the box, and comes with very clear instructions that explain in detail how to use, maintain, and calibrate the gadget before using it for a first time.

No More Excess, Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

No More Excess, Advanced Digital Luggage Scale Product rating

• Digital readout
• 40kg capacity
• Batteries included
• Take it with you on holiday
• No more excess baggage costs!

Our Review

This is portable (15 x 7 x 2 cm) and lightweight (182g) scale that is a must have for any traveler. It is capable of accurately weighing luggage of up to 40kg and has a large blue backlit display; the device is also very easy to use – all you have to do is attach the strap to the handle, lift your luggage, and then set it back on the floor. The scale automatically records and holds the weight of the luggage and you don’t have to try reading the display while holding the scale and the bag; the accuracy is also impressive – 50g and the box comes with user manual and batteries. The one small shortcoming of this product is the small steel handle, which cannot be held with more than a few fingers and that can be quite problematic when trying to weigh heavier bags.

Cabin Max Flight Bag and Digital Luggage Scale set

Cabin Max Flight Bag and Digital Luggage Scale set Product rating

Our Review

The cabin max flight package contains the flight backpack and digital luggage scale. The backpack size is in accordance with the allowed standards in the aero plane (55cmX40cmX20cm). The package also contains digital luggage scale, capable of weighing 40 kilos to the nearest 50 grams. The directions to use are very simple; just strap on the automatic hold feature activates after 5 seconds and shows the result immediately with great accuracy. The latest 2010 model package includes the batteries to power the digital scale. The backpack feature of the luggage makes it a very desirable travel companion. The package is rated very high among frequent air travelers.

Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale

Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale Product rating

• Guarantee (Years) : 1
• Special Features : Large Digital Display, Automatic Hold Function, Heavy Duty Strap
• Capacity : 44 kg / 100 lb

Our Review

The Balanzza digital scale, specially designed for weighing any sort of luggage, suitable for both small and medium sized luggage weighing. The scale comprises of a very large digital display, so that you can make out the reading of the scale from a fair distance. The automatic hold on feature makes the luggage cling on to it and avoids a freefall preventing damage the damage to the luggage. The quality of the heavy duty strap is very good; hence it can withstand heavy loads. The scale can measure up to 44 kg or 100lbs. Warranty can be claimed if it’s purchased from authorized dealer only.

Ultimate Digital Luggage Scale

Ultimate Digital Luggage Scale Product rating

Our Review

The ultimate digital luggage scale is the best in its category. Simple to operate and use, the digital luggage scale can be clipped on to the baggage and lifted. The T-bar design makes it convenient to weigh any baggage whether a small bag or a full-size suitcase. The auto hold feature of the digital luggage scale locks in the weight for easy reading later. The ultimate digital luggage scale can weigh baggage up to 110 lbs or 50 kg. In addition, the unit of measurement is easy to change with a touch of a button.

The Ultimate Digital Luggage Scale itself weighs around 125g, thereby making it portable and handy. The digital luggage scale gets its power from the lithium battery, which is included in the package. The lithium battery has over two-year life, thereby providing long-term usage without worrying. The backlit LED display offers clear reading of the weights. Using the Digital Luggage Scale lets, you sure can save the extra luggage charges at the airport.

Salter Luggage Scale, Silver

Our Review

The Salter luggage scale is a digital luggage scale that is ergonomically designed. It can measure weights up to 40 Kg’s. The weighing scale has an accuracy of 100g which is quite sufficient for uses like airline baggage weighing. It has a clip to hang your bag when you want to weigh it, the clip is strong so your bag will not fall down and your valuables will not break consequentially. There is a 5 years warranty period on this product.  It runs on one CR3032 long life lithium battery which is provided with this scale. Its body is shaped like a handle so you can easily lift it. The screen is provided on the top of the handle so you can read the weight by just looking down, that makes it very convenient to use.

Ergo Digital Electronic Scales - by Balanzza

Ergo Digital Electronic Scales - by Balanzza Product rating

• The automatic hold feature allows you to lift the luggage, set it down on the floor and then read the weight.
• Large digital display for easy reading
• No more excess baggage charges
• Capacity : 44 kg / 100 lb
• Digital Scales with overweight warning system

Our Review

The electronic measuring scale by Balanzza provided with auto hold feature which grips the luggage on to the scale hook firmly. Every time you board a plane, you need to shell out a lot of bucks as baggage charges. Therefore, this is a one time investment which helps you save a lot of money wherever you go. The luggage strap belt is more durable, capable of lifting up to 44kilos. If excess weight is loaded on to the scale, the system is able to sense it and over weight warning LED glows. The sale has a large digital scale for a clear vision of the readings.

xScale The World's Smallest Portable Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

xScale The World Product rating

Our Review

The xScale® by Heyes is a hand held 'auto-locking' digital scale. It can weigh up to 50 Kg’s. It has a bright screen which has a blue backlight that makes it easier to read the values in dark places. It has a fast auto locking feature that will show the weight almost instantly then it will freeze the reading on the screen so that you can place the bag down and read the weight from the screen. It is very light weight and doesn’t occupy much space; hence you can use it in your journeys. It is very user friendly. Its T-bar design naturally simulates the position of the closed fist while lifting weights; moreover, it can give you an accurate reading even if your hands are not sully stationery while lifting the bag. The xScale® comes with 2 CR2032 Batteries included and has a One Year Limited Warranty.

Andrew James Digital Luggage Scales

Andrew James Digital Luggage Scales Product rating

Our Review

If you’re planning to go on a holiday, ready to board a plane but suddenly you’re charged with excess baggage fees. This is such an awkward situation and may spoil your entire holiday trip. Why not avoid such experiences? The James digital luggage scale may be a handy instrument to handle such situations. Just strap the belt on to your luggage and the weight is displayed on the digital display, now just limit your stuffs till permissible and fly away with no excess baggage fees. The digital display is provided with a blue back light to ensure readings are visible at night. This device can show the readings in terms of kg, gram, lb and oz. This instrument is accurate and reliable.

Brand New 40Kg Kilo Digital Fishing Luggage Suitcase Parcel Posting Hanging Weighing Weight Scales Compact Travel

Brand New 40Kg Kilo Digital Fishing Luggage Suitcase Parcel Posting Hanging Weighing Weight Scales Compact Travel Product rating

• Auto Shut Down in 90 seconds when not in use
• Precise weighing within 0.02kg (20 grams,0.05lb)
• Weighs up to 40kg
• Accurately displays the weight of your catch or your parcels.
• Weighing Scales can be used for fishing, post room, luggage etc.

Our Review

This is one lightweight scale with small dimensions (120 x 75 x 18mm) that is easy to carry and will help you avoid unnecessary excess luggage charges at the airports, or weigh any product or item that is not heavier than 40kg. The gadget works with great accuracy of 20g and has a large display that is easy to read; another useful feature is the automatic shutdown after 90 seconds, which is great for preserving the batteries’ life. Using this scale is also simple, but the small metal handle and the small hook make weighing larger bags or parcels a bit of a challenge. Overall, this is one very accurate scale that is also really affordable and could be of great use for travelers and anglers alike.

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